Automate Invoicing & Collection in QuickBooks Desktop

Written by Carrie Kahn

We are often asked, “How do I automatically bill & COLLECT from my client for a monthly bookkeeping fee?” Here are the steps to set up automatic recurring invoicing with QuickBooks Desktop. (In a previous article I described how to Automate Invoicing & Collection in QuickBooks Online.)

Automate Invoicing

Start with a QuickBooks Payments account.

Next, Create a sales receipt. Customer>Enter Sales Receipts.

QuickBooks Payments

Finally, create a TEMPLATE for each CLIENT. Use a SALES RECEIPT so the customer is invoiced and you are paid all in one step.

Sales Receipt

For Clients Paying with Credit Card

The first example will be for clients paying with a CREDIT CARD.

At the top of the receipt, select Set up Recurring Payment.

Set Up Recurring PaymentThis will log you into your QuickBooks Payment account where you will need to complete a form:

  1. Search and link to a customer in your QuickBooks file and the information will auto populate.
  2. Label your recurring charge, enter the frequency and the range the automatic entries will run.

Set Up Recurring Payment

Then fill in the item code and same information as receipt.

Invoice Type

Then fill in your credit card and select proper notifications.

Payment Method

There is one more step that you will need to complete, and that is the authorization form. You will need to print this form, have the client complete, and have this on file. If the client needs to change their payment method, have them complete an updated form.

Then click NEXT. This screen will pop up to let you review everything before you click submit.

Review and Submit

Next, the screen to manage your recurring payment page will appear:

Manage Recurring Payments

Right away, your client will receive this email – if you checked off “notify my customer.”

QuickBooks Payments

About the author

Carrie Kahn

Complete Business Group helps small businesses purchase the RIGHT QuickBooks product at the lowest price and offers a team of experts to provide high level customer service so that they use QuickBooks® the way it was intended. With the many offerings from online to desktop we understand the benefits and limitations of each option to help you find the right solution. We have a team of certified ProAdvisors located all over the US ready to support you remotely or locally.

Carrie Kahn, CPA, the founder and CEO of Complete Business Group, has been helping small businesses purchase the RIGHT QuickBooks product at the best price and offers a team of experts to provide high level customer service so that they use QuickBooks®the way it was intended.

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  • What’s with the whole print and sign this form for automatic billing? No website I’ve ever subscribed to requires this. What changes that makes this necessary for Quickbooks?

  • It’s a recommended form they provide for you. However ultimately they aren’t forcing you to use it. You decide what workflow you want to implement and consult with your attorney to make sure you are covered.

  • The “paying with ACH” procedure says to process the payment then memorize, however when I process the payment the Sales Receipt is automatically recorded and there’s no way to memorize. I tried memorizing prior to processing the payment which does memorize the Sales Receipt, however when the “automated” transaction is executed, the Sales Receipt is recorded but the payment is not processed. QB 2018 Desktop Premier. What am I missing?

  • In the setup, initially, create & complete a sales receipt with the proper information including, the payment information to be used in the future. Before you process the initial receipt, select memorize. The memorized setup is for the next month. Keep in mind even though you select “auto”, you will still get a prompt to enter the memorized transactions each month.

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