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How to Best Utilize the TSheets and QuickBooks Integration

Written by Jake Albers

Intuit’s 2018 acquisition of the time tracking company, TSheets, left many wondering what the future would hold for the TSheets and QuickBooks integration. Would the two systems become even more streamlined? Would the job costing functionality in QuickBooks Online improve, and would TSheets help its development?

The answer: What you will see, moving forward, are continual improvements to the way TSheets interacts with QuickBooks, especially with the new Nearby Jobs feature in TSheets.

What does that mean? Two systems will act as one. Who doesn’t like the sounds of that?

Integrating QuickBooks Online and TSheets

Integrating TSheets with your QuickBooks Online account only takes a couple of clicks. Within QuickBooks Online, you can click on Apps in the left-hand menu and scroll down until you see TSheets, or you can search for TSheets in the top menu bar. This takes you to the TSheets page where you can click “Learn more.”

TSheets and QuickBooks Integration

TSheets and QuickBooks Integration

TSheets and QuickBooks Integration

After clicking “Learn more,” you will have the option to sign in to your pre-existing TSheets account or sign up for a new trial. Once you sign in to TSheets, all of your employees, contractors, customers, service items, and classes in QuickBooks can be synced with TSheets, making it possible to start tracking time instantly. (I’m not kidding. Try it out!)

Time Tracking Made Easy

One of the latest features from TSheets is the ability to sync customer addresses from QuickBooks to TSheets, enabling your workforce to easily clock in to jobs based on their proximity to the job site. Simply add an address under your customer information. Upon running a sync, that address will appear in TSheets.

TSheets and QuickBooks Integration

Adding customer addresses in QuickBooks

TSheets and QuickBooks Integration

Customer addresses from QuickBooks Online in TSheets

At this point, your employees’ TSheets mobile apps will detect when they are near the job site at the addressed synced from QuickBooks and allow them the ability to clock in at that job site once they are in range. That’s it! Your employees will no longer have to sort through a long list of customers in order to clock in.

TSheets and QuickBooks Integration

Nearby Jobs feature in the TSheets mobile app

Using Time Data

Once your employees have tracked time in TSheets, you can easily review, approve, and use their hours to run payroll, invoice your customers, and bill vendors. And you don’t have to jump between TSheets and QuickBooks to cross-reference numbers either. Simply go to QuickBooks and import from TSheets all the time that your employees have tracked with a single click.  

In your QuickBooks account, click the Plus icon in the top-right corner. Under Employees, click Approve Time.

TSheets and QuickBooks Integration

This screen will display all of your employee time tracked. You can view individual timesheets by clicking on the employee’s name, which also gives you the opportunity to edit their time if needed. Once all time looks correct, simply hit “Approve” on the right side for each employee.

TSheets and QuickBooks Integration

If you are ready to use this time data to run payroll, invoice, etc., hit the green “Accept and close” button in the bottom-right corner, and that time will be available to use however needed!

There’s only one small caveat: It’s best practice to check the Weekly Timesheet in QuickBooks to ensure employee times synced correctly. You can edit the time in the Weekly Timesheet if needed, but you will have to unapprove the time to make edits, re-approve it, and then click “Accept and close” to update the time data.

At this point, your employees’ time data is in your QuickBooks Online account! Gone are the days of manually entering in time for each employee to run payroll and invoice customers. All time tracking is now automated!

As we look to the future, we will continue to see more features that bridge the gap between time tracking and accounting. We are working on a full integration with QuickBooks Projects, which will ultimately help with the QuickBooks Online job costing functionality. Stay tuned for more updates, and feel free to reach out to the award-winning support team at TSheets with any questions!

About the author

Jake Albers

Being a Learning and Development Specialist at TSheets by QuickBooks allows Jake to do the two things he does best: run his mouth and design graphics and training materials. Jake came to TSheets from the creative industry, and in his two years at TSheets he has seen the company grow from a startup to an Intuit company. When he is not training new hires, he can be found in nature doing any and all sunburn-related activities.


  • I have contractors (1099) using TSheets. While their hours are imported, I can’t seem to turn their hours into a bill where I can pay them. Any tips?

    • Jake could you elaborate on the term “bill vendor”? Is there a way to integrate “paying vendors” for specific projects while paying the contractors as well? I understand the payroll and invoice customers. I used this feature with a staffing service project and it’s the same concept as the Construction industry.

      • Cont..
        As with Job order costing? Paying the contractor, paying the vendor invoices acquired, and invoicing the customer, simultaneously?