Intuit Launches New 2019 QuickBooks Desktop Certification and Recertification

Written by Carrie Kahn

Intuit’s announcement demonstrates their commitment to investing in the QuickBooks desktop product.

Breaking news! Intuit just announced they released the 2019 QuickBooks Desktop Certification and Recertification. What does this mean to ProAdvisors? This shows that Intuit is committed to investing in the QuickBooks desktop product. It is just as important to “right fit” your client into the best product to meet their needs using QuickBooks as it is for the ProAdvisor to be trained and certified in the product the customer is using. All members of the Deluxe and Premium ProAdvisor program are eligible for this training. Read the press release below for more information.

Intuit Press Release

Today Intuit announced the launch of the new 2019 QuickBooks Desktop Certification and ‘What’s New in QuickBooks Desktop” Certification, which will enable accounting professionals to confidently use the new and improved features in the latest QuickBooks Desktop product and better serve their desktop clients. The new training is available to all members of the QuickBooks Desktop ProAdvisor Program (Deluxe or Premium).

New 2019 QuickBooks Desktop Certification

The new 2019 Desktop Certification features new ways of learning, including demonstrations that showcase the use of QuickBooks Desktop. Additionally, it spotlights the new 2019 QuickBooks Desktop features, including:

  • Customer invoice history tracker
  • Condensed data file optimization
  • Easy version upgrades

In-product demonstrations, as well as tips for the exam, are provided by Advanced Certified ProAdvisors. In addition, users will be granted access to supplemental guides in PDF form that accompany each module for easy review and reference for the certification exam.

Upon successful completion of the certification exam, ProAdvisors will earn 100 points, which will be automatically added to their points balance as part of the recently redesigned ProAdvisor Program.

Further details on what’s been changed, updated and improved in 2019 QuickBooks Desktop is available here.

Releasing “What’s New in 2019 QuickBooks Desktop” Recertification

Additionally, to help users stay up-to-date on what’s new and improved in 2019 QuickBooks Desktop and maintain certification status, an optional “what’s new” training is now available. This training focuses on features new to the product, preparing users for the 2019 recertification exam. The modules will be added periodically throughout the year as continued enhancements to 2019 QuickBooks Desktop are added to the product.

Finally, throughout 2019, Intuit will continue to invest even more into Desktop Training and Certification, ensuring accountants are best able to serve their small business clients. In summer 2019, Intuit plans to release a brand new Desktop Enterprise certification. Please stay tuned for more information on this update.

Good News for ProAdvisors

This is exciting news for ProAdvisors as it reinforces that Intuit is listening and continuing to invest in the desktop products. It is important to be certified in all the ProAdvisor offerings so that you can support clients as they call you for support. Check out my article about all the vast array of offerings. Be sure to check out your course lockers for the training available for your membership level. As you grow your consulting businesses as a ProAdvisor with knowledge and certification, be sure to make sure you are charging enough as well.

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Carrie Kahn, CPA, the founder and CEO of Complete Business Group, has been helping small businesses purchase the RIGHT QuickBooks product at the best price and offers a team of experts to provide high level customer service so that they use QuickBooks®the way it was intended.

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