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QuickBooks accounting products: Online, desktop and point of sale

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Leveraging Partnerships

Partnerships can help you unlock the power of QuickBooks. QuickBooks has an amazing product line. With its combined offerings, it can accomplish so much for business owners. Even better, if you add on the right stack of apps and connections, it becomes extremely powerful. With thousands of...


2018 QuickBooks Conference Highlights

2018 conferences showcased Intuit’s commitment to making QuickBooks more focused on user needs than ever. I recently returned from spending a week in San Jose, California where we focused on QuickBooks. I was invited to participate in the QuickBooks Solutions Provider (QSP) Conference called...

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What’s New in QuickBooks 2019

As Intuit is shifting investments back to the desktop edition, we will start to see more enhancements and features roll out! This year you will be seeing the message shift to helping your client find the best QuickBooks option for their needs rather than forcing a one-size-fits-all...